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QC Kinetix (Artesian) Provides Sports Medicine as an Alternative to Invasive Surgeries in Oklahoma City

ByArlene Huff

Oct 6, 2022

Oklahoma City, OK: Sports injuries have halted promising sports careers. In other cases, patients are supposed to have total bed rest as they recuperate from surgeries or treatments that take a long time to heal. Surgeries can be costly and highly invasive while some of the recommended painkillers can be addictive. QC Kinetix (Artesian) has an alternative treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain and those who think that surgery is the only available option.

QC Kinetix (Artesian) treats various sports injury conditions such as knee and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, torn ACL /MCL and meniscus, torn rotator cuff, and any other related illness. The treatment is designed to target joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries related to sporting activities.

Sports injury is one of the common reasons why people visit QC Kinetix (Artesian). The clinic offers a practical solution to sports injury patients through sports medicine. They use regenerative sports medicine treatments to naturally target the root of the condition. The protocols are minimally invasive with little or no downtime. 

QC Kinetix (Artesian) has a solution in sports medicine that helps reduce pain and restore mobility. The treatments help patients find relief quickly without undergoing surgery or taking prescription medication for the rest of their lives.

The Oklahoma City sports medicine clinic works with experienced medical providers who offer minimally invasive treatments that improve function and the quality of life with long-lasting results. They offer the most suitable solutions and personalized concierge-level services and have so far treated hundreds of patients nationwide.

At the clinic, patients undergo a thorough examination and, where necessary, several tests to establish the exact cause of pain after a sports injury. Once they determine the cause of the pain, they develop a specialized treatment plan which they closely monitor to ensure everything stays on track.

The clinic’s spokesperson had this to say about their services, “Thanks to our regenerative treatments, patients in Oklahoma City no longer opt for unnecessary surgical procedures to resolve chronic pain.  We offer sports medicine treatments that target those with sports injuries so they can go back to play or just enjoy their hobby as soon as possible. Book your free consultation to learn how our sports medicine treatment can help release you from the stress and discomfort of pain.”

To schedule a free consultation and other inquiries, clients can call the clinic at (405) 289-9662. They can also visit their website to explore more info on the various locations, various treatment protocols, supplements, and any other information about their services. QC Kinetix (Artesian) is located at 3300 NW 56th St, Suite 302, Oklahoma City, OK, 73112.

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