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OUSHI Metal Attends 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023

ByArlene Huff

Mar 24, 2023
OUSHI Metal Attends 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023

Metals and mining industries have been greatly impacted by the recent pandemic happenings. It disrupted various aspects of the supply chain process followed by most regional and global suppliers and manufacturers.

Oushi Metal was delighted to honor a visit to the 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference for the year. This is one of the key conferences in the sector. Oushi Metal looked to connect and learn more about emerging markets for ferroalloys.

The 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023 was a perfect opportunity to connect with other key players in the sector. For instance, the conference provided multiple opportunities to create new contacts for suppliers and manufacturers.

Oushi Metal was well structured to attend the conference as one of the biggest players in the market. Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, Oushi Metal has continued to grow with leaps and bounds.

The company operates in one of the most strategic places. Oushi has been operating from the Hubei province and has greatly thrived in the region. Part of Oushi Metal’ tremendous growth has to do with the products manufactured or processed here;

Oushi Metal Products

The main metals and products manufactured here include vanadium, manganese, antimony, silicone, and molybdenum. Below is a brief but comprehensive breakdown of the products.


This is one of the most versatile metals and can be found in nearly every sector and industry. This ranges from industries like aviation, automobile, and electronics. The metal is often added to steel to create vanadium steel. This hybrid metal is stronger, bendier, and harder to break. 


This is yet another common metal today. It is found in virtually every industry. More importantly, it can be easily added to other metals to create new compounds like electrolytic metal manganese and silicon manganese.


Silicone is one of the most precious minerals in existence today. It is closely related to carbon, although the two elements share vastly different characteristics.

Other popular metals produced or manufactured by Oushi Metal include molybdenum and antimony.

The 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023 had a positive and strategic approach to the main objectives. The first segment, for example, was secluded for icebreakers and networking sessions. This was just after the registration and other networking opportunities for the attendees.

Speaking after the conference, here is what a representative from Oishi Metal had to say, “There has been a significant damp of the market over the last couple of years. This has been caused by numerous factors, including the world shutting down. It is good when you know there are such events and opportunities for those still active and in business.”

Oushi Metal is one of the leading companies based in the Vanadium village in China’s Hubei province. The Company has been in operation for decades. During this time, it has provided unmatched and unparalleled services to customers and users.

When it comes to the production of Vanadium products, Oushi Metal is the best choice. Formally, the company was incorporated in 2010. The company is ISO certified and a trusted and reliable manufacturer.

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