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Coronavirus State Tracker: California reported 7,770 new cases and 76 new deaths as of July 25

ByRichard Moran

Jul 26, 2020

California had at least 7,770 new cases of the coronavirus and 76 new deaths reported as of Saturday, July 25, according to unofficial counts from county websites. San Bernardino and Riverside counties did not report updated numbers.

That raises the state’s total cases to 445,292 since reporting began, and 8,424 people have died.

The state also reported 122 fewer patients, lowering the total number of people hospitalized to 8,449.

The state’s breakdown of cases by age is as follows:

5 and younger: .91% (8,500)5-17: 6.9% (30,896)18-34: 35.3% (157,028)35-49: 25.1% (111,903)50-59: 14.2% (63,066)60-64: 5.2% 22,968)65-69: 3.3% (15,906)70-74: 2.5% (11,172)75-79: 1.7% (7,749)80 and older: 3.5% (15,691)

The state’s breakdown of deaths by age group is as follows:

5 and younger: 0% (0)5-17: 0% (0)18-34: 1.3% (106)35-49: 5.6% (461)50-59: 9.9% (8133)60-64: 7.5% (617)65-69: .99% (794)70-74: 11% (907)75-79: 11.5% (950)80 and older: 43.6% (3,594)

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The daily state tracker is a compilation of local, state and global coronavirus data that began publishing in our Southern California News Group and Bay Area News Group newspapers on March 18. It is designed to be a community service during this pandemic, providing you with more than 2,000 pieces of valuable data from nearly 80 websites.

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