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New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Educates on Ignition Interlock Devices in Comprehensive DUI Article

ByArlene Huff

Jun 5, 2023
New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Educates on Ignition Interlock Devices in Comprehensive DUI Article

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel (https://thekugellawfirm.com/when-do-you-have-to-install-an-ignition-interlock-device-iid-after-a-dui/) of The Kugel Law Firm recently released an insightful article, providing in-depth knowledge about the nuances surrounding the use of Ignition Interlock Devices (IID) after a DUI conviction.

New Jersey DUI lawyer, Rachel Kugel, in her article titled ‘When Do You Have to Install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) After a DUI?’, addressed a critical question that many clients often ask in the aftermath of a DUI conviction. This comprehensive guide intends to answer numerous questions regarding the necessity, usage, duration, and implications of an IID post a DUI.

“An IID gives many people the opportunity to retain some driving privileges after a DUI,” states Kugel, a prominent New Jersey DUI lawyer. “But it can also be awkward and inconvenient. It’s essential to understand your rights and options if you’re facing DUI penalties in New Jersey.”

The article focuses on various aspects, including the circumstances necessitating the installation of an IID, the duration for which it needs to be installed, potential exemptions, and the process for its removal. Quoting from the article, Kugel affirms, “In New Jersey, a first-time DUI will require an IID if you own a vehicle for a minimum of 3 months and up to 7 months.”

Furthermore, Kugel elaborates on the IID’s complexity and how violating its terms can lead to severe consequences, including license suspension. She stresses the need for legal advice to navigate these complex requirements and to avoid additional penalties.

The article concludes with the key point of the eventual removal of the IID, a process that is subject to maintaining specific conditions during the IID term. Kugel points out that this stage too might need legal assistance, particularly for individuals seeking early removal.

Towards the culmination, Kugel expresses her firm’s commitment to providing legal support for individuals affected by DUI/DWI laws. She insists that an attorney’s guidance can smoothen each step of the IID process, from installation to removal.

For individuals facing DUI/DWI charges and want to seek detailed information about their situation, consider reading Rachel Kugel’s article. It offers an in-depth understanding of the IID process, its implications, and how to navigate it effectively.

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