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Herbalist Consultation Now Available in The Alchemist’s Kitchen

ByArlene Huff

Apr 17, 2023
Herbalist Consultation Now Available in The Alchemist’s Kitchen

Soho, New York – The Alchemist’s Kitchen is a distinctive botanical retail space committed to enlightening people with the healing properties of plants. Seven Brown, a resident Health Practitioner and healer, will be facilitating the 20-minute Herbalist Consultation program that the New York cafe-boutique is announcing today. 

Seven’s background includes qualifications in both assisted psychedelic therapies and leading group work for women’s circles. Her knowledge in Reiki, reflexology, and other forms of energetic healing helps her stand out as an inspiring educator. Seven is currently teaching seminars and offering private consultations on microdosing, women’s health, and integration to members of the community.

The herbalist consultations are a chance to sit down in a relaxed and friendly space and discuss your health concerns with a practiioner that is trained in the healing power of plants. This is a comprenehsie approach to wellness and allows visitors to understand how plants and herbs may support their wellness goals.

During the consultation, Seven will explain the benefits of each herb suggested and the expected results. A peronalized treatment plan will include not only herbal suggestions but also dietary and lifestyle adjustments that can benefit the overall health of the visitor.

The consultations take place on-site at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, 119 Crosby Street, Soho, New York, or they can be scheduled in advance with the herbalist’s or practitioner’s approval by calling (518) 625-3477 or by setting up an appointment on their website.


The Alchemist’s Kitchen is a holistic wellness café and herbal shop that offers everything from delicious matcha milkshakes and a variety of health-supporting detox teas to adaptogenic mushroom powders, elixirs for sweet dreams, the world’s best ghee butter, and tinctures for every ailment known to man (menstrual cramps, stress, and more). The store, which was established by three female herbalists, offers personal consultations with their in-house herbalists as well as workshops and educational panels on herbal medicine and the curative potential of plants.

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